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IIT JEE Tricks and Shortcuts

IIT JEE preparation is long and a tough time of life. Those who are serious want the success at cost. They use all means including tricks for iit jee exams. Tricks and shortcuts are a part of life and everyone tries it once in the exams. Tricks and shortcuts for iit jee exam are [...]

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online iit jee video player

We have launched most awaited online iit jee video lecture player. It is the most affordable and convenient way for iit jee preparation. It works at the lowest speed of the internet. We are now assured latest updates can be in a touch of students in no time. Online iit jee preparation is finally [...]

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download free iit jee notes

Are you an IIT JEE aspiring student? Are you finding it difficult to make notes that will help you at the last minute? Then there is the perfect solution. We at are not just providing amazing videos that'll help you score better in your exams but also are providing free physics, chemistry and [...]

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IIT JEE Droppers

There is a common misconception that in order for one to get into one of the leading IIT-JEE colleges of India, they need to drop a year after their twelfth grade in order to study solely for the entrance examination. While it may be better for individuals who have a tough time coping with [...]

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IIT Jee Foundation course for ninth and tenth

Around one million students write the JEE exam every year, in hopes of securing a seat in the few prestigious IITs in India. In a sea of hungry fish including the repeaters and even re-repeaters, nearly anything can give first-timers the edge in the relentless competition. Enter iit jee foundation courses. Basically what it [...]

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Online IIT JEE videos

Are you IIT JEE aspirant? Do you also go to coaching classes for IIT JEE just like everyone else? Despite being to school and your coaching classes are all your doubts not clear? Well, we have a solution for this. After a hectic day it is not possible to sit in front of the [...]

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true iit jee foundation course

The most lower class student who wants to start preparation for iitjee searches for good iit jee lecture course. The best option is the true iit jee foundation course as provide by iitjeemaster. In this course, we cover lower class concepts from class 7th to 10th and senior course concepts as well. The parent [...]

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iit jee mains online exam

Iit jee mains online exam and offline mode comparison is the demand of time. Every student going to appear in iit jee mains exams has to decide on these options. The main cause of concern is what is the difference in paper and what can be the effect of that on the score of [...]

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doubt solving jee video lectures

IIT JEE doubts solving lectures is a challenging work for a teacher. Every student who wants to prepare for jee mains and advanced come across various doubts. We will examine types of confusions and doubt in iit jee physics maths or chemistry. After that, we will discuss the possible best solutions to problems in [...]

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Revision of iit jee video lectures

After finishing jee course from iit jee video lectures it is time for revision. Two years iit jee preparation is in final stage and beginning of board exams is the concern. It is time for revision of iit jee video lectures. Students have to focus on iit jee as well as for boards. So [...]

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