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Author is having an experience of 22 years in teaching IIT JEE. You may buy IIT JEE Video Lectures for physics, chemistry and maths at just Rs. 500/- For more details contact at 08226060233, 09977204422

Physics lectures on Mechanics

IIT JEE examination is one of the hardest examinations that an engineering aspirant can prepare for. Within the examination, physics is one subject that is very important. Although there is no specific written syllabus for physics or any other subject for IIT JEE examination, there are a few chapters that repeat every year and [...]

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IIT JEE maths lectures on calculus

Calculus is one of those few subjects that are not only important for JEE but also important after JEE. Also, Integral calculus iit jee is not only important from maths point of view; it is important from physics and at large, engineering point of view. When a chapter is so important, it is recommended [...]

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Modern Physics video lectures for IIT JEE

Modern Physics video lectures for IIT JEE While preparing for IIT JEE, physics is one subject that most of the students. They face difficulty in but with proper modern physics video lectures for IIT JEE, learning and understanding the complex terminology of physics can be grasped easily. Physics lectures are usually long and boring, [...]

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Maths for iit jee physics video

Maths for iit jee physics video lectures Study of iit jee physics by video lectures is very good idea, that can be very beneficial for jee students. The main hurdle in study of physics is the weak maths. Almost every chapter physics needs sound knowledge of maths. Although we study basic maths before [...]

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Functions iit jee maths lectures

Topic of function is very big and topics related to it are limits, continuity and differentiation. Although this is first topic in calculus for jee maths lectures, but most teacher do not teach it at first priority. This leads to mess up all the jee maths, as calculus is very important subject. It is [...]

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